Diflucan To Buy

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Diflucan To Buy

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0.902 0.9106 33.5 c. 43" C. 13.79 41.3 194.74 191.5 5546 25.0 0.62 0.978 95.20 93-5 55 C. 6iC 57.81 It is interesting to notice in these two fats that the constituent parts are Digitized by VjOOQIC WINE. 231 almost identical; but while in the fat of GaMnia indica the olein is present in the proportion of Diflucan To Buy one to two of stearin, forming oleo-distearin, in the fat of G. morella the olein is present in the proportion of two to one of stearin, fornning stearo-diolein. Pharm. Joum., Sept. 7, 1907, 335. AURANTIACE^. Blood Oranges Artificial Coloration and Sweetening, A remarkable case is noted in "D. Med.-Ztg." (1908, No. 21) which confirms the prac- tice, repeatedly denied, that oranges are artificially colored (and sweet- ened) and supplied as ''blood oranges." It appears that a girl after eating such an orange (at St. Petersburg) was attacked with a sudden hemor- rhage, resulting from a fragment of a hypodermic needle which had been broken off in the orange. On examination of the extracted needle- frag- ment this was found to contain some remains of anilin color, and a further examination of "blood oranges** of the same lot showed that all of them had been treated with injections of red aniline and saccharin solution. Pharm. Ztg., liii (1908), No. 29, 290. vrrACE^. Mavrodaphne Wine Production in Greece, According to J. Boers the sweet wines of Greece are not as strong as the Hungarian (Tokay) Diflucan To Buy wines. This appears to be due to climatic conditions, however, which interfere with the proper fermentation. Thus, the brown-red ''Mavro- daphne" grapes contain from 28-33 per cent, of sugar and are usually dried by the sun a short time before expressing the must. The fermenta- tion usually also goes on regularly and smoothly until about 8-9 Diflucan To Buy per cent, of alcohol is formed, after which, owing to the climatic conditions prevail- ing in Greece, there is danger of acetic fermentation, which is intercepted by the addition of alcohol. In this way, sweet wines containing from 12- 14 per cent, of alcohol are obtained. The odor, taste and color of the Mavrodaphne wine so produced Diflucan To Buy is very similar to those of Tokay wine. Apoth. Ztg., xxii (1907), No. 103, 11 28. Wine Acetylmethylcarbinol a Product of its Acetone Fermentation. Two years ago, J. Pastureau recorded the occurrence of acetylmethyl- carbinol in certain commercial vinegars. It is now found that this body is a normal Diflucan To Buy and constant product of the acetous fermentation of wine, and is probably produced by the action of Mycoderma vini and of M, aceti and other oxidizing bacteria on isobutylglycol, which is a normal con- stituent of wine. Wines, which before being submitted to acetous fer- mentation were proved to contain no methylacetol, were found after this fermentation to yield from 0.3 to 0.5 Gm. per liter. The fermented liquid, when neutralized and distilled, afforded a distillate which had a marked reducing action on silver ammonio-nitrate and on Fehling's solu- tion, and gave with phenylhydrazine acetate the osazone, melting-point Digitized by Google 232 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. 243 C. Pharm. Journ., Febr. 8, 1908, 151 ; from Journ. de Pharm. et Chim., 27 (1908), 10.
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